The First Biggie Of The Year - 100% Biker
The First Biggie Of The Year - 100% Biker


Venue Address


Bum In The Mud 12

22-24TH April 2016
Essex outdoors- Mersea, Rewsalls Lane,
East Mersea,Colchester, Esex, CO5 8SX

Piglet on 07708419987


Tide Times as follows -

Friday TBC
Saturday TBC
Sunday TBC

Bum In The Mud 12 - 22-24TH April 2016

The 1st Big Rally Of The Year -

The Muddy Bum Club is just two people who organize the Bum in the mud rally, We are also BMF members. A team of around 30 volunteers help staff the event.

The Muddy Bum Club is not a motorcycle club of any description. We are not an MC, MCC, BC or RC also we do not involve ourselves in politics of any kind.

Any surplus monies raised from the rally, after expenses are paid are donated to charity.

Please check out BITM on Facebook for any other updates.

We are not in any way connected with the Arse in the grass, formally held on the same site or the condom rally which still is. Although some of the helpers work at both events.

We allow cars into our rally (albeit in limited numbers due to lack of hard parking) because we refuse to discriminate against the poor buggers whose bikes are off the road or someone who wants to bring in a couple of kids (our future generation).

However, we do ask that mums and dads keep their kids under control, otherwise they will be shot, weighted, and dumped in the sea.





These  links go to the websites with all of this years rally photos hope you Enjoy them.
(If you have some on your website let us know)




Rebel Smugglers - Biker Lifestyle - Taff Dog


Flamming Gun Tattoo


Marnic Wood Carving



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